Microsoft's 70-451

MCITP - Designing Database Solutions Using SQL Server 2008

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008 certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills which includes designing programming objects, designing transaction and concurrency strategy, designing XML strategy, etc. uCertify’s guaranteed certification course for 70-451 exam is comprehensive and helps you earn your certification and gain knowledge. Here’s what to expect from your uCertify course:

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The PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is part of Microsoft's Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008 certification which comprises of two exams. It is a required piece to the certification. The certification is targeted at professional involved with designing program and database.

Skills Measured

  • Designing a Database Strategy
  • Designing Database Tables
  • Designing Programming Objects
  • Designing a Transaction and Concurrency Strategy
  • Designing an XML Strategy
  • Designing Queries for Performance
  • Designing a Database for Optimal Performance

70-451 Course Duration

This is a self-paced, independent study program, so there is no minimum or maximum restriction. The amount of time you will take depends on your existing knowledge of the area and related experience, as well as your availability. We recommend at least 2 to 3 weeks if you have a reasonable amount of SQL Server 2008 knowledge. You should plan on devoting 2-3 hours every day.

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70-451 Course/Exam Objectives

  • Lesson 1: Designing a Database Strategy
    • Overview
    • Identify which SQL Server components to use to support business requirements
    • Design a database model
    • Design a data model by using the Entity Framework
    • Design an application strategy to support security
    • Design a solution by using Service Broker
    • Design a Full-Text Search strategy
  • Lesson 2: Designing Database Tables
    • Identify the appropriate usage of new data types
    • Design tables
    • Design data integrity
  • Lesson 3: Designing Programming Objects
    • Design T-SQL stored procedures
    • Design views
    • Design T-SQL table-valued and scalar functions
    • Design Common Language Runtime (CLR) table-valued and scalar functions
    • Design CLR stored procedures, aggregates, and types
    • Evaluate special programming constructs
  • Lesson 4: Designing a Transaction and Concurrency Strategy
    • Design the locking granularity level
    • Design for implicit and explicit transactions
    • Design for concurrency
  • Lesson 5: Designing an XML Strategy
    • Design XML storage
    • Design a strategy to query and modify XML data
    • Design a query strategy by using FOR XML
    • Design a strategy to transform XML into relational data
  • Lesson 6: Designing Queries for Performance
    • Optimize and tune queries
    • Analyze execution plans
    • Evaluate the use of row-based operations vs. set-based operations
  • Lesson 7: Designing a Database for Optimal Performance
    • Optimize indexing strategies
    • Design scalable database solutions
    • Resolve performance problems by using plan guides
    • Design a table and index compression strategy
    • Design a table and index partitioning strategy

Career Prospects

A Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008 certification has several career opportunities open up to them, including:

  • Database Developer
  • Database Administrator


70-451 Exam FAQs

What certificate do I earn on passing the 70-451 exams?
If you pass Microsoft's 70-451 exam you will get credit towards the following certifications:
What is the exam registration fee?
USD 150

Pricing and taxes may vary from country to country.

Where do I take the exam?

The MCITP - Designing Database Solutions Using SQL Server 2008 is administered by Prometric and Pearson VUE at testing centers worldwide.

  • For Pearson VUE: Click here to find a testing center near you.
  • For Prometric: Click here to find a testing center near you.
What are the pre-requisites of the exam?
While there are no official prerequisites to take the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008 certification, both Microsoft and uCertify strongly recommend that the candidate should have experience of writing transact SQL queries, programming the database and many more. Click here for more details.
How many questions are asked in the exam?
The exam contains 50 questions.
What is the duration of the exam?
120 minutes
What is the passing score?

(on a scale of 0-1000)

What is the exam's retake policy?

In the event that you fail your first attempt at passing the PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 exam, Microsoft's retake policy is:

  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, the candidate must wait at least a 24-hour period before retaking the exam.
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait at least a 14-day period before retaking the exam a third time. Clickhere for more information.
What is the validity of the certification?
Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Database Developer 2008 certification has no expiration. The certification holder is certified for life unless the vendor changes their policy. Click here for more information.
Where can I find more information about this exam?
To know more about the 70-451 exam, click here.

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