BEGINNING JQUERY : Beginning jQuery

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library. uCertify's Beginning jQuery course covers all the topics required for learning jQuery at an initial level. Our Begin jQuery course objectives include: JavaScript You Need to Know, The Basics of jQuery, Ajax with jQuery, Writing a jQuery Plug-in, etc. uCertify’s guaranteed certification course for the
Beginning jQuery
ISBN : 978-1-61691-440-0


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Table of Content

Here's What you will Learn

Lesson 1: JavaScript You Need to Know

  • Using JavaScript on a Web Page
  • Syntax Conventions
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Conditionals
  • Debugging with the Console
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • More console.log( )
  • Summary

Lesson 2: The Basics of jQuery

  • The Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Downloading jQuery
  • The jQuery API Documentation
  • Writing Some jQuery
  • Summary

Lesson 3: Traversing the DOM

  • CSS Selectors in jQuery
  • Traversal Methods
  • Further Traversal
  • Chaining Methods
  • Further Filtering
  • Summary

Lesson 4: DOM Manipulation with jQuery

  • CSS
  • animate() and Animation Convenience Methods
  • Attributes and Properties
  • text( ) and html( )
  • Removing Elements from the DOM
  • Creating New Elements
  • Inserting into the DOM
  • Efficient DOM Insertion
  • Summary

Lesson 5: An Introduction to Events

  • Popular Events
  • Interacting with the Element
  • Triggering Events
  • Unbinding from Events
  • The Event Object
  • Building an Accordion
  • Summary

Lesson 6: More Events

  • Event Delegation
  • Event Propagation
  • Preventing Default Behavior
  • Your Own Events
  • The Accordion, Take 2
  • Summary

Lesson 7: Animation

  • The animate( ) Method
  • More Convenience Methods
  • The Animation Queue
  • Fixing Your Accordion
  • The Image Slider
  • Summary

Lesson 8: Ajax with jQuery

  • JSON
  • Parsing JSON in JavaScript
  • Ajax with jQuery
  • A Real API: Dribbble
  • Summary

Lesson 9: Writing a jQuery Plug-in

  • Why a Plug-in?
  • Your First jQuery Plug-in
  • Improvements
  • Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions
  • Giving the User Options
  • Adding Options to Your Plug-ins
  • The Accordion Plug-in
  • Adding Callback Support
  • Summary

Lesson 10: More jQuery Plug-ins

  • The Dribbble API Plug-in
  • The getShots method
  • Improving getShots
  • Minifying Your Code
  • More Refactoring
  • Documentation
  • Summary

Lesson 11: A jQuery Image Slider

  • Plan of Attack
  • Project Setup
  • Plug-in Setup
  • Infinitely Looping
  • Catch Up
  • Keeping Track
  • Keyboard Support
  • Automatic Animation
  • Bug Fixing
  • Summary
  • Conclusion

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