SY0-501 : CompTIA Security+ SY0-501

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CompTIA Security+ SY0-501
ISBN : 978-1-61691-370-0

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Here's what you will learn

  • TOPIC A: Identify Information Security Concepts
  • TOPIC B: Identify Basic Security Controls
  • TOPIC C: Identify Basic Authentication and Authorization Concepts
  • TOPIC D: Identify Basic Cryptography Concepts
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Analyze Organizational Risk
  • TOPIC B: Analyze the Business Impact of Risk
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Identify Types of Attackers
  • TOPIC B: Identify Social Engineering Attacks
  • TOPIC C: Identify Malware
  • TOPIC D: Identify Software-Based Threats
  • TOPIC E: Identify Network-Based Threats
  • TOPIC F: Identify Wireless Threats
  • TOPIC G: Identify Physical Threats
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Identify Vulnerabilities
  • TOPIC B: Assess Vulnerabilities
  • TOPIC C: Implement Penetration Testing
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Implement Host Security
  • TOPIC B: Implement Cloud and Virtualization Security
  • TOPIC C: Implement Mobile Device Security
  • TOPIC D: Incorporate Security in the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Configure Network Security Technologies
  • TOPIC B: Secure Network Design Elements
  • TOPIC C: Implement Secure Networking Protocols and Services
  • TOPIC D: Secure Wireless Traffic
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Implement Identity and Access Management
  • TOPIC B: Configure Directory Services
  • TOPIC C: Configure Access Services
  • TOPIC D: Manage Accounts
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Identify Advanced Cryptography Concepts
  • TOPIC B: Select Cryptographic Algorithms
  • TOPIC C: Configure a Public Key Infrastructure
  • TOPIC D: Enroll Certificates
  • TOPIC E: Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • TOPIC F: Revoke Certificates
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Evaluate Security Frameworks and Guidelines
  • TOPIC B: Incorporate Documentation in Operational Security
  • TOPIC C: Implement Security Strategies
  • TOPIC D: Manage Data Security Processes
  • TOPIC E: Implement Physical Controls
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Troubleshoot Common Security Issues
  • TOPIC B: Respond to Security Incidents
  • TOPIC C: Investigate Security Incidents
  • Summary
  • TOPIC A: Select Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Processes
  • TOPIC B: Develop a Business Continuity Plan
  • Summary
  • Mapping Course Content to CompTIA® Security+® (Exam SY0-501)

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