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A+ Essentials 2009

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The CompTIA's A+ Essential exam is an industry recognized vendor neutral credential. The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills. This exam measures the necessary competencies of an entry-level IT professional with a recommended 500 hours of hands-on experience in the lab or field. uCertify’s guaranteed certification prep for 220-701 is comprehensive and helps you not only earn your certification in the shortest time possible, but to also gain the knowledge required on the job. Here’s what to expect from your uCertify prepkit

Prepare for the following certification

The A+ Essential exam is part of CompTIA's A+ certification which comprises of two exams. It is required part to the certification.

The exam covers computer technology, networking and security, as well as the communication skills and professionalism that will be required on the job.

Skills Measured

  • Install, configure, and maintenance of PC components.
  • Repair and replacement of laptop components.
  • Use of various tools such as multimeter, power-supply tester, loopback plug, cable tester, etc.
  • Resolution of common printer issues.
  • Knowledge of commands required to troubleshoot and resolve OS problems.
  • Use of system utilities such as disk management tools, defrag, NTBACKUP, check disk, etc.
  • Troubleshooting client-side connectivity issues by using appropriate tools.
  • Installation and configuration of SOHO networks.
  • Protection of systems from viruses and malware.
  • Implementation of security and troubleshooting common security issues.

220-701 Course Duration

This is a self-paced, independent study program, so there are no minimum or maximum restrictions placed by uCertify. The amount of time you will take depends on your existing knowledge of the area and related experience, as well as your availability. We recommend at least 2-3 weeks if you have a reasonable amount of computer hardware and network knowledge and/or work experience.

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220-701 Course/Exam Objectives

  • Chapter 1: Hardware
    • Storage Devices and Backup Media
    • Motherboard and its Components
    • Power Supplies Types
    • CPUs and Their Features
    • Cooling Methods and Devices
    • Memory Types
    • Display Devices
    • Configure Peripherals and Input Devices
    • Adapter Cards
    • Configure and Optimize Laptop Components
    • Configure Printers
  • Chapter 2: Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance
    • Troubleshoot Theory
    • Common Hardware and Operating System Symptoms
    • Troubleshooting Methods and Tools for Printers
    • Common Laptop Issues and Troubleshooting Methods
    • Common Preventative Maintenance Techniques
  • Chapter 3: Operating System and Software
    • Different Windows Operating Systems
    • User Interfaces
    • Configure the Windows Operating System
    • Boot Sequences, Methods and Startup Utilities
  • Chapter 4: Networking
    • Networking Fundamentals
    • Network Cables and Connectors
    • Network Types
  • Chapter 5: Security
    • Security Concepts
    • Security Features
  • Chapter 6: Operational Procedure
    • Safety and Environmental Procedures
    • Communication Skills and Professionalism

Career Prospects

A CompTIA A+ Certified Professional has several career opportunities open up to them, including:

  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Field Service Technician
  • IT Support Technician
  • IT Support Administrator
  • IT Support Specialist

220-701 Exam FAQ's

What certificate do I earn on passing the vendor certification?
If you pass CompTIA's 220-701 exam you will get credit towards the following certification:
What is the exam registration fee?
USD 183
Where do I take the exam?
The CompTA A+ exam is administered by Pearson VUE at testing centers worldwide. Click here to find a testing center near you.
What is the format of the exam?
The exam consists of linear, fact-based, multiple-choice questions.
What is the Pre-requisites of the exam?
While there are no official pre-requisites to take the A+ essentials certification, both CompTIA and uCertify strongly recommended that the candidates have at least 500 hours of related hands-on experience in the lab or field.
How many questions are asked on the exam?
The exam contains 100 questions.
What is the duration of the exam?
90 minutes
What is the passing score?

(on a scale of 100-900)

What is the exam's retake policy?

In the event that you fail your first attempt at passing the CompTIA A+ 220-702 examination, CompTIA's retake policy is:

  • CompTIA does not require a waiting period between the first and second attempt to pass such examination. However, if you need a third or subsequent attempt to pass the examination, you shall be required to wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of your last attempt before you can retake the exam.
  • If a Candidate has passed an exam, he/she cannot take it again without prior consent from CompTIA.
  • A test result found to be in violation of the retake policy will not be processed, which will result in no credit awarded for the test taken. Repeat violators will be banned from participation in the CompTIA Certification Program.
  • Candidates must pay the exam price each time they attempt the exam. CompTIA does not offer any free re-tests or discounts on retakes.
What is the validity of the certification?
CompTIA A+ certification expires three years from date of issue, after which the certification holder will need to renew their certification via CompTIA's continuing education program. Click here for more information.
Where can I find more information on this exam?
You can find more information about the 220-701 here:
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