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GIAC Information Security Fundamentals Certification

The GIAC's GISF (GIAC Information Security Fundamentals) certification authenticates your skills in risk management, information security, defense in depth techniques, and disaster recovery. The GISF certification not only helps you to enter in the security industry but also helps the individuals in getting the in-depth knowledge about security and risk management.

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The GIAC Information Security Fundamentals (GISF) was created to provide assurance that a certified individual holds the appropriate level of knowledge and skill necessary for professionals involved with risk management and defense in depth techniques.

The GISF candidates will learn and be able to demonstrate key concepts of information security including: understanding the threats and risks to information and information resources, identifying best practices that can be used to protect them, and learning to diversify our protection strategy.

This GIAC GISF Certification is appropriate for those candidates who want to make their career bright and need an overview of information assurance. Managers, Information Security Officers, and System Administrators who need an overview of risk management and defense in depth techniques are appropriate for GIAC GISF certification.

Requirements for GIAC Information Security Fundamentals Certification

There are no specific prerequisite for GIAC Information Security Fundamentals certification. Although there are no prerequisites for this certification, it would be helpful if you have hands on experience of system security and risk management. The certification requires you to pass only one exam: