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CompTIA Convergence Technologies Professional Certification

This exam validates the abilities in the various fields of communications technologies (CT), where datacomm, telephony/telecommunications, video and broadcast multimedia technologies combine into a single IP-based delivery system. This certification exam recognizes candidate's ability to design, implement, and manage both data and voice networking. uCertify CompTIA Convergence guide contains all Convergence questions and Convergence answers.

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The CompTIA Convergence Technologies Professional covers basic requirements analysis, implementation and management of basic data components and voice and multimedia applications, as well as basic problem analysis and resolution for convergent technologies. If you want to get this certification, You must have CompTIA Network certification and have at least more than one year of work experience in areas that include data networking, VoIP, and other convergence related technologies.

Requirements for CompTIA Convergence Technologies Professional Certification

Although there is no prerequisite for CompTIA CTP plus certification, it is recommended that candidates should have CompTIA Network certification or have equivalent knowledge, as well as 18 to 24 months of work experience in areas that include data networking, telephony and other convergence-related technologies.