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Have you heard the one about the year that personal incomes shot up into the sky like a Fourth of July firework? That’s every year if you work in IT, but 2015 was especially notable. Welcome to the most lucrative IT compensation numbers we’ve ever seen — salaries are big this year.

The three-year trend in overall salaries, however, as shown in the graphic on this page, is that IT compensation everywhere is picking up steam. Overall employment is also even better than it was last year. When we checked at the end of 2014, almost 92 percent of those surveyed were employed full time. At the end of 2015, that number rose by almost five percent.

Of the more than 11,700 IT professionals who responded to this year’s survey, 96.2 percent are employed full-time, versus just 1.1 percent who don’t presently hold employment of any kind. (Part-time employment, sabbaticals, retirement and school enrollment accounts for the rest of our IT crowd.)

If you have IT-certified skills, then there’s very little reason to find yourself plowing through job search sites, unless maybe you’re looking for a job that’s even better than what you have now. The boom in the Internet of Things, the urgent and ever-present need to secure and protect sensitive data, and exploding demand for IT infrastructure are just some of the pressing reasons why the world needs more certified professionals.

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