First of all, let’s have a brief idea of what is computational thinking. At a breathtaking pace, computer science has produced such amazing technologies that have transformed our lives with intense economic and societal impact. Moreover, one of the exciting things about learning computer science is that you learn a new and fundamental way of thinking and problem solving; a way of thinking that is critical in the 21st Century. This is what we call “Computational Thinking”.

Researchers and professionals from various fields beyond computer science have been reaping benefits from computational thinking. Educators in colleges and universities have begun to change undergraduate curricula to promote computational thinking among students, not just computer science specialization.

Today’s students, having grown up in a world in which computers are ubiquitous, know how to use them, intuitively, but using is not understanding. Students belong to the world that requires them to be “computational thinkers” and able to conceptualize how computation can be used effectively. Few students will work as programmers, but most will decide how to apply computation and many will imagine new ways for computers to serve humanity. To be effective at these tasks, they must understand the fundamental ideas of computing.

Here we are providing you with our latest release: Fluency with Information Technology course which introduces computing ideas to enhance students’ ability to apply computation. Concept-wise, this course contains all of the fundamental ideas that underlie the fluency vision. The course will change the way you think, making you better at problem-solving, reasoning, debugging, and so forth. So, start your journey of becoming a computational thinker now with uCertify. Good luck!

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