uCertify’s study planner and its use

Study planner is an organized schedule that outlines readiness score and learning goals. uCertify provides study planner to plan out your prep efficiently. Study planner tab is situated at the right side of the course dashboard. The bar on the top displays the percentage of course you have studied. Bar with 100% completed indicates that you have completely covered the course and are now ready for the exam.

Begin by setting up your start and end date to complete the course and then select your preferences. To view the progress made in various assessments, chapters, exercises, and flashcards by hover on their respective buttons, a pop-up indicating the percentage of completion will appear. As per your percentage of completion, the color of the button will change to green.

You can share your study planner with your friends or colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. uCertify also provides you with the Certificate of Completion, only when you complete at least 90% of the course. You can share your certificate Download it as a PDF and as an image. To explore more, please watch the video tutorial.