The Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2010 Expert certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification validates your competency across a spectrum of skills which measures your knowledge and efficiency at Sharing and Maintaining Workbooks, Applying Formulas and Functions, Creating and Manipulating Data, Formatting Data and Content, Creating and Modifying Formulas and Functions, Presenting Data Visually, and Working with Macros and Forms etc.The certification is targeted at creating business deliverables with Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert. This exam is an upgrade of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Expert. Successful completion of exam  enhances the Career Prospects as Information Workers, Office Professionals, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Data Analysts, Commercial Bankers, Program/Project Managers and Sales Professionals. Here are the features that will ensure thorough understanding of the subject and in turn success in examination:

  • 15 Pre-assessment questions
  • 9 Lessons
  • 52 Exercise questions
  • 75 Quizzes
  • 35 Glossaries
  • 27 Videos
  • 2 Full-length Test
  • 20 Post assessment questions

So get certified now and accelerate your career.


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