You can prepare for MSExcel 2016 exam with uCertify’s updated Microsoft Excel 2016 course and lab. Designed for information workers, the course and lab focus on the expertise required for passing MS-Excel 2016 exam.

uCertify has updated its Microsoft Excel 2016 course by adding practice questions which will help in a better understanding of the subject and also getting a better learning outcome. It has been designed in an interactive way which makes it interesting and less monotonous.The updated course will help you in learning how to:

  • create and manage worksheets and workbooks;
  • manage data cells and ranges;
  • create tables;
  • perform operations with formulas and functions;
  • create charts and objects

So kick start your prep now with uCertify’s updated Microsoft Excel 2016 course and lab and boost up your career prospects as an office professional, data analyst, project manager or product developer.


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