The MOS: PowerPoint 2013 exam is a standalone certification from Microsoft with the exam code 77-422.

The certification is targeted at professionals who have experience with previous versions of Microsoft Office Powerpoint. The exam covers creating & managing presentations, inserting & formatting shapes & slides, creating slide content, applying transitions & animations, and managing multiple presentations.

uCertify releases 77-422-Lab to provide students with hands-on experience on Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The labs are versatile and an inexpensive & safe way to explore and learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Performance based labs provide a better understanding of basics as students get the opportunity of performing tasks on their own. Here’s what you get from the uCertify’s 77-422-Lab:

  • 73+ performance based labs with detailed explanations
  • 72+ video tutorials

The Microsoft’s Office Specialist PowerPoint 2013 certified professional has several career opportunities open up to them, including Office worker and Instructor. Go grab the opportunity and take the benefit !!


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