The CASP exam will certify that the successful candidate has the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments. It involves applying critical thinking and judgment across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to propose and implement solutions that map to enterprise drivers, while managing risk. uCertify has released a complete course of CAS-002-CASP that includes performance-based labs so as to provide students a complete package to learn concepts and gain hands-on experience. uCertify’s CAS-002 complete course includes following features:

  • 81 Pre-assessment questions
  • 10 Lessons
  • 200 Exercise questions
  • 102 Quizzes
  • 365 Flashcards
  • 166 Glossaries81 Post-assessment questions
  • 98 Performance-based labs
  • 33 Video tutorials

The course is designed to give you insight into the working world of IT security and describes the types of tasks and activities that a security professional with 5 to 10 years of experience carries out. Organized classes and study groups are the ideal structures for obtaining and practicing with the recommended equipment.

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