jQuery is an open source JavaScript library. uCertify’s Beginning jQuery course covers all the topics required for learning jQuery at an initial level. The course is your step-by-step guide to learning the jQuery library, taking you from the basics of getting started with jQuery right through to extending jQuery by writing your own plug-ins.

Throughout Beginning jQuery, you’ll discover how expressive yet concise jQuery’s code is and how much quicker and efficient you can develop with jQuery! The course has been drafted into four sections: pre-assessment, chapters and lessons, practice tests, and lastly the post assessment. The chapters and lessons further comprises of flashcards, quizzes and exercises. The course has 100 practice questions and 47 interactive quizzes to provide practical experience.

By combining jQuery with uCertify, you get the best of both worlds. uCertify’s Beginning jQuery is the best tool for it.

Beginning jQuery

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