uCertify announces the latest release of Adobe Flash CC 2014 certification course. The course will sail you through the Flash CC 2014 interface and help you learn the tools and features used in drawing graphic designs and animated sequences. Flash CC is a great platform for creating animated websites.

The course helps you gain knowledge about the platform by covering chapters in a sequential format with flashcards, quizzes, exercises, and videos. It has been divided into pre-assessment, 14 chapters, practice tests, and post assessment. The course has 100 practice questions and 76 interactive quizzes.

The target student for this course is a designer or developer who is new to Flash. The student may be a graphic designer, website developer, multimedia designer, or game designer. Adobe Flash CC 2014 certification will provide the basic foundation or blueprint to students looking for a career in the said field.
Adobe Flash CC (2014)

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