uCertify Introduces New Features In Courses

At uCertify, we not only work for customer satisfaction but also focus on customer’s delight. We have upgraded our track area to enhance user experience.

In the upgraded track area, the Lab and Labs Plan sections (for complete courses) are merged into one and Lecture and Lecture Plan sections have been clubbed into one. Now reports of any student can be reviewed in the Practice, Lessons, Lectures, and Assessment sections. In the Practice tab, the test report of anytype of test can be reviewed , in the Lessons tab, the report of the sections like exercises, quizzes, and flash-cards can be reviewed, and in the Lectures tab, the test report of the created lectures can be reviewed in table view and student view.

Another feature ‘Locked Table Pane’ is also introduced which locksthe first row and column of the sheets. The column headings or row titles will now be visible while you scroll to other parts of the worksheet.

So, go ahead try out these exciting features and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.