Gain hands-on expertise in MOS Microsoft Office 2016 certification exam by Microsoft Office 2016 course and performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. Microsoft Office 2016  certification program validates the skills and expertise of information workers to accomplish the tasks mentioned: create and manage documents; format text, paragraphs, and sections; create tables and lists; create and manage references; insert and format graphic elements; create and manage worksheets and workbooks; manage data cells and ranges; create tables; perform operations with formulas and functions; create charts and objects; create and manage presentations; insert and format text, shapes, and images; and much more.

Microsoft Office 2016  certification exam task instructions does not include the command name, as in previous versions. For instance, function names are avoided and are replaced with descriptors. The candidates must understand the purpose and common usage of the program functionality in order to successfully complete the tasks in each of the projects.

The uCertify’s comprehensive course and labs prepares you for the following certifications: MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Office. On successful completion of the course and labs, you gain confidence and skills to enhance your career prospects as: Office Professional, Data Analyst, Project Manager, and Product Developer. So, kickstart your prep now.

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