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Are you choosing the certification that best matches your interests, skills and experience? Do you want to get certified, but have no idea what you should be getting certified in? Or perhaps you already have some experience and are looking for options to get you to the next level.
uCertify is proud to announce CertAdvisor, a pioneering concept in certifications. uCertify’s CertAdvisor helps you make the right choice. Whether you are a fresh high school graduate with no experience or a seasoned professional looking to get ahead, or are looking for certifications in a given area of expertise, let CertAdvisor help you navigate certification waters.

Try it! It’s completely free:  https://www.ucertify.com/certadvisor.php

There’s no surer way to success than picking the certification that is right for you. Many students let the certification choose them, rather than the other way around. Your decision to take one or more certifications should be based on more than just salary surveys or what your someone else is doing. If you decide to take the certification plunge without thinking  through this step you could realize months down the line that the certification you picked is not the right one for you. That could be a very expensive waste of money and time.

But with over 300 (that’s right!) IT certification exams, choosing the right certifications can be tough.  How do you find out what options are available to someone with no experience in the IT industry? Or, what certifications are available to someone looking for a break in the database administrator area?
Ask the following questions to yourself before choosing a certification:
1. Why do I want this certification?
2. Will the certification exam match my interests and new goals?
3. Will the certification add value to my existing skills and experience?
4. How often will I have to take the certification exam?
5. What certification can I choose to get a high salary and prove my knowledge?
Choosing the right certification is half the story. Keep in mind that most people in technology earn good money. Salary surveys may show that a person with certification ‘X’ may be slightly more than a ‘hotter’ certification, but most people also want to enjoy what they are doing. Happier employees are generally more enthusiastic and typically earn more money in the long run.

All of this sounds sensible, you may be saying to yourself, but how on earth does one get started? How will CertAdvisor help?

How CertAdvisor works
It’s simple really. We ask you a few simple questions:
1.Area of interest
2.Your background
3.Level of experience

We then plug this information into our database and voila! The certifications most likely to suit your skills, interests and experience will be presented to you on a platter.
For example, assume you have an IT Professional with less than 2 years of experience, and interested in Networking.

Once you select these options and click ‘Go’, you will be presented with a list of certification exams related to Networking. See screen shot below.

Get started on your certification journey today! Make the certification choice that is right for YOU! Try it for free at

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