Adobe Photoshop Certification

Did you know that the history of Photoshop dates back to 1987? It all began when a PhD student Tom Knoll wrote a graphics application in a Macintosh Plus. The software was used to display grayscale images on a monochrome display. Knoll called it ‘Display’ which later transformed into Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop promises a rewarding career in all design and print-related career fields and an Adobe certification will grab the eyeballs of your dream employers so get ready to amplify your career with these 3 career options:

  1. Advertiser: Creating a unique brand identity and enhancing your brand equity underlines your KRA’s. Advertisers use Photoshop to create logos and branding icons, product packaging, company advertisements and more. Advertisers may use Photoshop in their daily work by creating these elements as well as editing company photos for display on the company websites. Sometimes, the work of an advertiser and graphic designer are combined, resulting in one key worker doing the jobs of both titles. Average Salary: $52000
  2. Web Designers: You bring your client’s ideas or concepts to life on a webpage. You will be creating logos, navigational bars, backgrounds, headers and additional images to help create the page. Photoshop has an extensive library of modifiers that you can use on your images to help the webpage you are creating stand out, look professional, and be easy to navigate. Average Salary: $ 49000
  3. Photographer: Professional photographer not only captures the perfect moment but also is responsible for enhancing the image quality as per the requirement. This includes getting rid of blemishes on your subject, adding additional light sources, sharpening the focus and adding additional creative elements to your photos. All of these things and more can be done using Adobe Photoshop. Average Salary: $47000

Apart from these, another popular option is Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are the people behind that great band flyer you have  just seen in the subway station. It’s a graphic designer’s job to create flyers, logos, brochures and page elements that are creative as well as eye-catching. Designers work with a vast array of media including pictures, videos, text, styles and adjustment layers. A graphic designer’s work can appear online or off, and is used in a variety of publications. Average Salary: $43000

It’s time to flaunt your creativity by mastering the Adobe Photoshop. Learn with uCertify’s interactive course and hone your skills with uCertify’s labs, video tutorials and assessments.


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