This test requires a thorough knowledge of administrative tasks for managing the database for optimal performance. The candidate appearing in this test should have a sound knowledge of various tools available in Oracle9i for managing different issues in the database. This includes identifying contentions and resolving them through the tools. For this purpose, one should practice the following to a good extent:

  1. Identifying tuning areas through querying the available views.
  2. Gathering statistics through available tools, such as STATSPACK.
  3. Using the available GUI tools, such as Instance Manager to resolve contentions.
  4. Changing the values of various initialization parameters to monitor the subsequent affect on the system performance.
  5. Changing the size of various database objects, such as buffers, pools, tablespace, and rollback segments to monitor its affect on the performance of the system.
  6. Performing administrative tasks, such as setting frequency of checkpoints to monitor the affect on the system performance.
  7. Identifying and resolving locking contentions by using the available views and GUI tools.
  8. Configuring various processes in the shared server architecture, such as, Oracle Net listener and the dispatcher.
  9. Configuring block parameters, such as PCTFREE and PCTUSED for enhanced performance.
  10. Configuring materialized views through the initialization parameters for optimal performance.
  11. Employing different types of indexes for storage purposes and monitoring the performance in each case through the available views.

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