The OCUP examinations test knowledge of OMG’s UML 2 specification. Before taking the OCUP-100 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to understand the core modeling concepts of UML.
  2. Verify the understanding of UML modeling dependency constructs.
  3. Confirm the ability to understand and represent operations that characterize the behavior of an element.
  4. Verify the skills required to understand and represent models of traditional sequential flow charts in UML.
  5. Demonstrate the basic knowledge and comprehension of the various Interaction Diagrams and their concepts.
  6. Verify the skills required to understand and represent Use Case models.
  7. Recognize and understand UML primitive types.
  8. Confirm knowledge of the basic UML modeling concepts.
  9. Confirm the basic knowledge of common behavior concepts.

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