Things to practice for Microsoft test 77-604

The 77-604 test measures an individual’s ability to work with Microsoft Outlook. Before taking the 77-604 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Create and send an e-mail message.
  2. Create and manage your signature and automated messages.
  3. Manage e-mail message attachments.
  4. Configure e-mail message sensitivity and importance settings.
  5. Configure e-mail security settings.
  6. Configure e-mail message delivery options.
  7. View e-mail messages.
  8. Create appointments, meetings, or events.
  9. Send meeting requests.
  10. Update, cancel, and respond to meeting requests.
  11. Customize calendar settings.
  12. Share your Calendar with others.
  13. View other calendars.
  14. Create, modify, and mark tasks as complete.
  15. Accept, decline, assign, update, and respond to tasks.
  16. Create and modify contacts.
  17. Edit and use an electronic business card.
  18. Create and modify distribution lists.
  19. Create a secondary address book.
  20. Categorize Office Outlook 2007 items by color.
  21. Create and manage Office Outlook 2007 data files.
  22. Organize mail folders.
  23. Locate Office Outlook 2007 items by using the search feature.
  24. Create, modify, and remove rules to manage e-mail messages.
  25. Customize your Office Outlook 2007 Experience.