The 70-631 test measures an individual’s ability to configure Windows SharePoint related technologies. Before taking the 70-631 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Configure WSS server roles.
  2. Configure WSS topology.
  3. Create WSS namespace.
  4. Upgrade WSS 3.0 from WSS 2.0.
  5. Install WSS.
  6. Monitor Windows SharePoint Services.
  7. Configure Security for Windows SharePoint Services.
  8. Configure site settings.
  9. Manage Central admin.
  10. Administer Windows SharePoint Services by using STSADM.
  11. Configure backup and restore (disaster/recovery).
  12. Manage Customization.
  13. Configure names resolution.
  14. Configure Network Load Balancing (NLB).
  15. Configure WSS to support perimeter network.
  16. Configure Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA).

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