The 70-630 test measures an individual’s ability to configure and deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007. Before taking the 70-630 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Configure site management.
  2. Configure personalization.
  3. Configure users and groups.
  4. Configure alerts.
  5. Configure Single Sign-on (SSO).
  6. Manage Search.
  7. Configure Content Management.
  8. Manage policies and compliance.
  9. Configure workflow.
  10. Configure Business Forms.
  11. Manage Business Intelligence.
  12. Manage the central administration interface.
  13. Manage the shared service provider.
  14. Use the STSADM tool.
  15. Configure usage analysis and reporting.
  16. Manage Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS) assessment.
  17. Configure shared services.
  18. Manage Business Intelligence tools.
  19. Manage portal and site migration.
  20. Finalize upgrades.

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