The Microsoft exam 77-603 measures an individual’s ability to create, format, collaborate and deliver presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint2007. Before taking the 77-603 exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Create a new presentation by using blank presentations, templates, existing presentation and Microsoft Office Word Outline 2007.
  2. Create and change the presentation elements.
  3. Insert and format textboxes.
  4. Insert hyperlinks and media clips.
  5. Apply built-in animations.
  6. Create custom animations.
  7. Create SmartArt diagram.
  8. Insert illustrations and shapes.
  9. Insert and modify charts.
  10. Insert and modify tables.
  11. Insert and modify comments.
  12. Add digital signatures to the presentation.
  13. Identify the presentation feature not supported by the previous versions.
  14. Remove inappropriate information by using Document Inspector.
  15. Restrict permission to a document by using Information Rights Management.
  16. Mark the presentation as final.
  17. Compress images.
  18. Save the presentation as appropriate file types.
  19. Customize handout masters.
  20. Print the presentation in various formats.
  21. Rehearse and time the delivery of the presentation.
  22. Write the presentation to a CD.
  23. Set the slide show option.

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