The Novell test 050-698 measures your ability to optimize, manage, and administer SUSE Linux Server 10. The test is designed to check your ability to use the SUSE Linux Server 10 services and objects. It requires you to have a good knowledge of the SUSE Linux Server 10 objects and troubleshooting issues related to SUSE Linux Server 10. Before taking the Novell 050-698 test, you should practice the following:
* Use OpenSLP
* Host Security
* Manage OpenLDAP
* Network Security
* Application Armor
* Configure a Mail Server
* General Firewall Design
* Monitor Network Traffic

* Use DHCP to Manage Networks
* Configure a DNS Server using BIND
* Cryptography: Basics and Practical Application
* General Security Considerations and Definition of Terms
* Packet Filters
* Application-Level Gateways
* Virtual Private Networks
* Intrusion Detection and Incident Response

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