uCertify provides the best guarantee in IT certification industry. Our guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you don’t get certified in the first attempt within a year of purchasing a corresponding Prepkit from uCertify, we will refund in full the money you paid for the Prepkit. No questions asked! It is as simple as that. No better guarantee in the industry – we guarantee it!

Steps to getting a refund:

1. If you don’t pass your certification exam, fax us your failed transcript 1-209-231-3841 or email a scanned copy to sales@ucertify.com. Include your order # in the fax.

2. We refund your money within 7 business days.
Note: You must have claim your refund within one year of purchasing the corresponding Prepkit from us.

How we compare with the competition:

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  • Faster Refund Process: We guarantee you to pay back your money within 7 business days. This is the fastest in the business.
  • Longest expiration period : uCertify provides the longest guarantee expiration period of one year. This means you can apply for a refund anytime within one whole year from the purchase date of the exam. With other test preparation vendors, you are lucky if you get a 90 day expiration period for the refund from your exam date.
  • Time lapse between purchase and exam date: With uCertify, you need have no worry about the minimum time lapse between the purchase date and exam date. We impose no  conditions for the time lapse between the purchase date and exam date which means that if you fail the next day after purchasing our PrepKit we will refund your money without any questions, while other competitors requires at least a 7 day period between the purchase date and exam date to process the refund.
  • Refund on First Attempt: Unlike much of our competition that provide for a refund only after 2 failed attempts, uCertify stands behind our products all the way. if you don’t pass in your first attempt, we will refund your money.
  • No Limits : At uCertify, there is no limit to the number of refunds per customer. Other test preparation vendors restrict refunds to 5 or less per customer.
  • PrepKit validity : Enjoy our product even after you receive your refund. We haven’t found many vendors who do this, if any. We believe the product is yours to use after purchase, refund or no refund.
  • Simple refund process: Our refund process is very simple. No forms to fill, no questions to answer. Just email or fax us your result and we will process your refund within 7 business days. As simple as A-B-C.

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