Henery Osborne uCertify Review  Henry Osborne is a Technology consultant and a Technology Specialist with  experience in implementing and maintaining current and relevant  technologies to achieve stated goals and objectives.  He is a Systems  Security enthusiast and is an expert in Systems Analysis, Web  Development, Technical Support, and Systems Security. He has an impressive Edtech background  with over 19 years of experience. 

uCertifyis proud to share his in-depth analysis of our course- CompTIA Network + (N10-006). 

Here is what he has to say about it:

If you’re interested in acquiring industry certification in IT (Microsoft, CompTIA, Oracle, etc) but find it hard to locate a training class that fits either into your schedule or location, then accessing preparation materials online may be the option for you.

There are  myriad of learning platforms available but one that stands out (with over 400 titles) is ucertify.com. After gaining the opportunity to access one of their titles, CompTIA Network+ (N10-006) to be specific, here are my findings:

  • Pre-Assessment: Courses begin with an assessment quiz to determine ones knowledge base and readiness for the intended certification exam.
  • Lessons: The platform includes an interactive e-book that covers the training content. Each topic ends with a mini-quiz.
  • Practice Tests: There are over 240 practice questions available (multiple choice, true/false, matching, and short answers).
  • Post-Assessment: After completing the lessons and practice tests, there is a post-assessment test that determines one level of readiness. A score of at least 90% is required to show mastery.
  • Study Planner: Based on platform usage, an exam readiness score is determined. A score of 100% is ideal. A score over 90% earns you a certificate of completion from uCertify.
  • Performance Analytics: The provided reports, which one can share, allows for progress to be gauged and identifies the areas of mastery as well as the areas which need improvement.

Overall, uCertify provides a viable alternative for the individual who wishes to earn an industry certification at his/her own pace and is disciplined enough to complete the course objectives in a timely manner.

Side Note: Self-study aside, ucertify.com is an ideal tool to assist institutions/instructors in providing learning material for students and also to assess how well students are grasping course content.”

You can learn more about Henry Osborne via his LinkedIn profile. Additionally, you can read this complete post here.





2 thoughts on “The Experts are talking about uCertify.com

  1. uCertify is pretty awesome. I have had the pleasure of going through their CCNA(200-120) course and I was might impressed. For a very affordable price you get ebook, videos, chapter quizzes, flashcards, practice questions and a nifty section to assess your exam preparedness. That’s a plus for me. I am a Network and Security engineer and I work in a very fast pace and dynamic environment. Having the freedom to study when ever I want is essential for keeping skilled and relevant in the IT world. Using the study planner keeps you on track. uCertify allows that flexibility and more at a very affordable cost. Other course providers and vendors offer only videos with little or no course material and pretty much gives you a watered down version of the course. Despite that, they do serve a pretty good refresher.

    uCertify’s course layout allows you to test how much you know and understand each chapter and concept. You may then reread or watch the chapter and then move on. Your readiness assessment gives you a study goal and helps motivate you. With so many courses to choose from, you can literally plot you certification path. This course is recommended for person with at least 1 year experience in the IT field. But I am sure if you put in the extra work and dedication you will be successful in the exam.

    If you are into studying on your own or you’re a instructor that would package that can assist with a course you are teaching, uCertify would be good for you.

    Dain Daley
    Systems Engineer(Network & Security)

    CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, CEH, A+, Security+, ITILF

  2. The uCertify CCNP Route 300-101 is combination of Pre-Assessment, Chapter & Lessons, Practice Tests and Post Assessment. Personally, I like the Chapters & Lessons part, it combine the explanation with graphical illustration, snapshot of essential sample configuration and sample output from the real device, which will be very helpful to better visualized and understand the hard concept for each topics.

    The Practice test portion are available in 3 mode: Test, Learn and Review mode. I found the Practice test in learn mode is very helpful, it give explanation for each practice questions and refer me to which topics in Chapter & Lessons for me to revisit the topics should need to strengthen in that area.

    Overall I found the PrepKit will be very useful not only for those preparing for the first time attempt of the certification, but also as refresher for those who already taken the exam and want to revisit new topics in the CCNP Route certification.

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