The OCUP Program was developed and is run as a joint program of OMG and the UML Technology Institute (UTI). OMG will spread and promote the OCUP Program, while UTI will collaborate on its promotion and administration in the Asia-Pacific region. Microsoft has specified more than twenty objectives for the OCUP-100 test, which are grouped under five topics. Following are the important areas in which an individual should possess good knowledge before taking the OCUP-100 test:

  1. Understanding the core modeling concepts of UML.
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The OCUP examinations test knowledge of OMG’s UML 2 specification. Before taking the OCUP-100 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to understand the core modeling concepts of UML.
  2. Verify the understanding of UML modeling dependency constructs.
  3. Confirm the ability to understand and represent operations that characterize the behavior of an element.
  4. Verify the skills required to understand and represent models of traditional sequential flow charts in UML.
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