Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, even users because they are exposed to data threats while working on the computer. An introduction to the security fundamentals, uCertify offers you the Computer Security Fundamentals study guide with performance-based labs. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. Get yourself, our comprehensive study guide and gain an understanding of the importance of security in the bigger picture of the enterprise and how various security technologies and tools can be used to create a secure cyber environment. The study guide is designed for the computer-savvy person & students who wish to take the first course in security and is intended as an introductory computer security course which will guide you through the use of additional resources. With the help of Computer Security Fundamentals guide, you will get an overview of what cybersecurity is and why you should care. It serves as the ideal starting point for professionals looking to enter the cybersecurity field and ultimately raise their threat awareness. The Computer Security Fundamentals guide helps you grasp damages that can occur from a lack of security, the three primary threats related to enterprise security. This teaches you the ultimate goal of security practices that are confidentiality, integrity, and availability, the three most important things for the information on our computers and networks.

Learn Skills in Computer Security Fundamentals With uCertify Course

What will I learn with Computer Security Fundamentals study guide?

  • Malware
  • Encryption
  • Security Policies
  • Cyber Detectives
  • Network and the Internet
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Techniques used by Hackers
  • Computer Security Technology
  • Cyber Stalking, Frauds, and Abuse
  • Industrial Espionage in Cyberspace
  • Network and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cyber Terrorism and Information Warfare

The Computer Security Fundamentals study guide comes with the following learning resources:

  • 16+ Lessons
  • 246+ Quizzes
  • 171+ Flashcards
  • 100+ Pre-assessments
  • 100+ Post Assessments

Learning skills in Computer Security Fundamentals that can help you get jobs in the leading IT fields such as:

  • IT Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Information Security Specialist

So, excited about learning the skills of computer security? Get yourself, the uCertify Computer Security Fundamentals guide. This is an easy-to-use online guide that teaches you what you need to know about computer security methodologies.

Microsoft Technology Associate certification (MTA certification) exams and credentials are offered as a major aspect of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program. MTA certification exams provide proficient certifications in light of Microsoft products and they provide the basics to Databases (MSSQL Server), Development (Visual Studio) and IT Infrastructure (Windows, Windows Server). Gear up to prepare for the Microsoft MTA certification exam with HTML5 98-375 Application Development Fundamentals video training course. The course contains performance-based labs in addition to the video tutorials. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any textbook, course & training. The study guide focuses on the objectives covered in the HTML5 98-375 exam and provides the skills to manage the application lifecycle, build the user interface (UI) by using HTML5, format the user interface by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and code by using JavaScript. The course offers hands-on learning of exam topics with the real-world scenarios.

MTA Certification Course- uCertify - Career Path For HTML5 98-375 Exam

The HTML5 98-375 course covers the exam topics including:

  • Code by using JavaScript
  • Manage Application Life Cycle
  • Build User Interface by using HTML5
  • Format the User Interface by using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

The course offers following resources:

  • 08:05+ Hours
  • 153+ Video Tutorials
  • 52+ Pre-assessments
  • 99+ Post-assessments
  • 38+ Performance-based Labs

About Exam

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an entry-level training program designed to ensure proficiency and skills in technical knowledge. The certification is targeted at those professionals who want to prove their core HTML5 client application development skills. The MTA certification exam validates the expertise of professionals in the field of:

  • Security
  • Database
  • Networking
  • Web development
  • System administration
  • Windows development
  • Understanding the fundamentals of technical concept

The MTA certification HTML5 98-375 course offers following career prospects:

  • Web Developer
  • Server Administrator
  • Database Administrator

So, are you ready for Microsoft MTA certification? Pass the HTML5 98-375 exam with the comprehensive course offered at uCertify.