Creating User Services

  • The SessionID property of the HttpSessionState class identifies an active ASP.NET session by using a unique session ID.
  • The @ Import directive is used to explicitly import a namespace into an ASP.NET application.
  • The @ Implements directive is used to implement a specified .Net Framework interface in a Web page.
  • The CodeBehind attribute of the @ Page directive specifies the name of the compiled file that contains the class associated with the page.
  • The ErrorPage attribute of the @ Page directive is used to set the URL if an unhandled exception occurs. Sam can set this target to the home page.
  • The Language attribute of the @ Page directive specifies the language used while compiling the inline rendering and code declaration blocks.
  • The Inherits attribute of the @ Page directive specifies a code-behind class for the page to inherit. It can be any class that is derived from the Page class.
  • Public variables and objects can be accessed from all other procedures and functions in all the modules in the same project.
  • The public class Manager : HeadOfDept declaration will create a class named Manager, which implements the HeadOfDept interface.
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Planning and Design of Flash Applications

  • The Properties panel/Property inspector enables a user to access various attributes of whatever is currently selected on the stage or in the Timeline.
  • The DynamicHeapSize capability specifies the amount of dynamic memory that is allocated to Flash Lite.
  • The Align panel controls the space between the objects and the size of the objects in respect of each other.
  • The Distribute area of the Align panel spaces the objects according to a common reference point of top, middle or bottom.
  • Motion guide layers are special layers that enable a user to draw paths along which the objects can be animated.
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Q. What are the prerequisites for the 9A0-311 exam?

A.There are no prerequisites for the 9A0-311 exam.

Q. What credit does the 9A0-311 exam provide?

A. After passing this exam, you will become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Macromedia Flash Professional 8.

Q. Which certification does it covers?

A. After passing the 9A0-311 ACI exam, you can earn credit towards the Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) certification.

Q. What are the areas on which the exam is focused?

A. Adobe’s 9A0-311 test is designed to measure your ability to use Flash 8 software. It recognizes a candidate’s ability to use the features and functions of the software for creating attractive animation, and use of ActionScript for creating interactivity when building Flash applications.

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