If you are looking for an IT certification that gives you an edge over others in this competitive world, you are at the right place. Choosing an IT certification from hundreds of certifications is a cumbersome task. You require having a clear understanding about its benefits and future prospects about doing any certification. The requirements to obtain a Microsoft Certified Master certification on SQL Server are more extensive than it is to obtain lower level certifications. The value is huge, you will be the most highly demanded SQL asset and can pretty much guarantee to earn more than your colleagues who are not certified.

The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification validates that an individual possess the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a specific job role. MCITP certifications are built on the technical proficiency measured in the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications. MCTS are consistently capable of implementing, building, troubleshooting, and debugging a particular Microsoft technology.

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Some other SQL Server Certifications:

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Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005

  • In order to change collation settings, reinstall SQL Server 2005 on a server with the same collation settings as on another server.
  • In order to install SQL Server 2005 on a computer on which SQL Server 2000 is already installed, install SQL Server 2005 as a named instance.
  • Members of the db_access role can assign permissions to other users to enable them to access and query the database.
  • RAID-0, also known as disk striping, is made up of a disk set in which data is divided into blocks and spread equally in each disk. It provides best performance because data read and data write operations are not limited to a single disk, but to a set of disks. It does not provide data redundancy. Data once lost cannot be recovered.
  • The Service Broker can be attached to a database by using the FOR ATTACH clause of the CREATE DATABASE statement.
  • To analyze the capabilities of the simulation software of MCTS 70-431 certification exam, you can download a demo version and evaluate it free of cost. Click the link below:

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