The CIW test 1D0-435 is intended to certify users for the JavaScript Fundamentals. The test is designed to check your ability to use the JavaScript syntax. It requires you to have a good knowledge of the JavaScript language and the ability to write code for making interactive Web pages. Before taking the 1D0-435 test, you should practice the following:

  1. Create and manage variables.
  2. Test the scope of variables.
  3. Use different types of JavaScript operators (Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison etc.)
  4. Use decision-making with the help of the if and switch statements.
  5. Use different kinds of loops (for, while, and do-while).
  6. Create and invoke functions.
  7. Use comments.
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Q. What are the prerequisites for the 1D0-435 exam?

A. The prerequisites for a candidate to appear in the 1D0-435 exam are as follows:

Q. I am new to JavaScript. How should I start preparing for the exam?

A. To start preparing for the 1D0-435 exam, you need to have the latest versions of scriptable browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator installed on your computer.
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