Study tips for the Microsoft test 77-605

The objective of Microsoft test 77-605 is to measure your ability to design and manage databases and database objects. Your capability of database programming is also measured. You should be able to work with different tools and SQL statements present in Microsoft Office Access 2007 to create and manage databases and database objects. Before taking the test, you should remember the following study tips:

  1. Always remember that the extension of the database files is .accdb.
  2. Always remember that DDL statements are used to create, modify, and delete databases and database objects.
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  4. Always remember that DML statements are used to insert, update, and delete data from a database.
  5. Always remember that users can interact with database tables through forms and reports.
  6. Always remember that each field in the table must have a datatype.
  7. Always remember that the Attachment datatype is used to attach one or more files.
  8. Always remember that OLE objects store data in bitmap format.
  9. Always remember that forms and reports are connected to the tables through RecordSource property.
  10. Always remember that controls in forms and reports are connected to the table fields through ControlSource property.
  11. Always remember that datatypes can be formatted in Design view of a table.
  12. Always remember that fields can be attached to or deleted from a table through the Design or DataSheet view of a table.
  13. Always remember that Database Backup utility is used to prevent data loss.
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