Be a certified CIW Perl Specialist with 1D0-437 Perl Specialist course. The course focuses on the topics of the 1D0-437 exam which include basic syntax and control structures needed to write Perl scripts; data types, flow control, arrays and hashes, regular expressions, and subroutines; packages and modules; database connectivity using Perl; and much more.

The CIW Perl Specialist exam covers use and operation of the Perl interpreter, including but not limited to: basic scripting, print function, variables; directs program flow using statements, loops and Boolean expressions. The exam defines database programming, including but not limited to: use of modules and SQL to access external data; Perl debugging features to identify programming errors. The exam also includes use of regular expressions to search and manipulate strings; arrays to store and manipulate program data; hashes to organize and manipulate program data with keys; subroutines to make code more logical and easier to debug; files to store, read and write data; process command line and external data using environment variables and arguments; use of packages and modules to organize, reuse and export program code; implement and create object-oriented programming techniques in Perl.

So, gear up to be a Perl Specialist with uCertify’s 1D0-437 Perl Specialist course. You can get 35% site-wide off at uCertify Cyber Monday Sale if you order the course now!


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