Microsoft has specified more than thirty objectives for the 70-562 test. These objectives are grouped under seven topics. Following are some important areas in which an individual should possess good knowledge before taking the 70-562 test:

  1. Configuring providers.
  2. Configuring authentication, authorization, and impersonation.
  3. Configuring projects, solutions, and reference assemblies.
  4. Configuring session state using Microsoft SQL Server, State Server, or InProc.
  5. Publishing Web applications.
  6. Configuring application pools.
  7. Compiling an application using Visual Studio or command-line tools.
  8. Implementing data-bound controls.
  9. Loading user controls dynamically.
  10. Creating and consuming custom controls.
  11. Implementing client-side validation and server-side validation.
  12. Consuming standard controls.
  13. Reading and writing XML data.
  14. Manipulating data using the DataSet and DataReader objects.
  15. Calling a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service or a Web service from an ASP.NET Web page.
  16. Implementing a DataSource control.
  17. Binding controls to data using data binding syntax.
  18. Configuring debugging and custom errors.
  19. Setting up an environment to perform remote debugging.
  20. Debugging unhandled exceptions when using ASP.NET AJAX.
  21. Implementing tracing of a Web application.
  22. Debugging deployment issues.
  23. Monitoring Web applications.
  24. Implementing Web Forms using ASP.NET AJAX.
  25. Interacting with the ASP.NET AJAX client-side library.
  26. Consuming services from client scripts.
  27. Creating and registering client script.
  28. Accessing device capabilities.
  29. Controlling device-specific rendering.
  30. Adding mobile Web controls to a Web page.
  31. Implementing control adapters.
  32. Customizing the layout and appearance of a Web page.
  33. Working with ASP.NET intrinsic objects.
  34. Implementing globalization and accessibility.
  35. Implementing business objects and utility classes.
  36. Implementing session state, view state, control state, cookies, cache, or application state.
  37. Handling events and control page flow.
  38. Implementing the Generic Handler.

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