Kennedy Chimwanda, who has more than 11 years of experience in IT field and is currently working as Group Information Systems Technologist for Shelstein Group, reviewed our Certified Information Systems Security Pro Course. Let’s see what he says:

The CISSP course tries to cover​ ISC2​ CIB key areas of knowledge in an interactive fashion where, as a student, you have several interactive knowledge checks to enhance your understanding of the concept. Although I didn’t finish my modules, the platform helped me very much in assessing my weakest and strongest domains before I could plan and refocus my study efforts.” To read the complete post, click here.


Let it be known to you that Mr. Chimwanda has earned 11 certifications which include CompTIA Security+, Certificate of mastery in Linux fundamentals, Linux for Penetration testing, Mobile Security, and so on. He has also suggested us some of the areas of improvement on which we are working so that you can get a better learning experience.


To know more about Mr. Chimwanda, you can visit his Linkedin profile.

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