Vivek Kadam has 9+years of experience in IT domain and is working as IT System Administrator at Varian Medical Systems. He is a dedicated, motivated, and multi-talented IT professional with skill in Windows 7, VMware ESX, Technical Support, iPhone Support, and blackberry. He has successfully qualified three IT certification exam, namely: VMware, MCSA, and MCPS. He recently accessed our 1Z0-062: Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration course. Let’s see what he says:

Vivek Kadam Reviewed uCertify 1Z0-062 Oracle Database Course

“The interesting thing about the uCertify course is that they are completely exam/quiz/objective oriented, which means that you get experience reading the exam questions to do your studying rather than just picking up study materials and reading through it like a book. As you take the exam, you can choose to receive immediate feedback after each question or at the end. The nice thing about the results analysis is that it not only shows you your score, it shows which questions you got wrong and what the correct answer should have been.

If you are interested in getting a certification and either needs a quick review of the material, a tool to point out your weak areas, or something to help you prepare for the exam, the uCertify 1Z0-062 course is a good addition to your test preparation work.”

We are delighted with such customer feedback. It encourages to work even harder and better so that customers get the best in our products. To Read the complete course click here.

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Marcos Vinicius an IT student who hold his expertise in  Database, Cloud, Analytics, Development Technologies and Security area has recently had an access to uCertify 1Z0-062: Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration course and provided a feedback that we are happy to share with you:

Marcos Vinicius Reviewed uCertify 1Z0-062 Course

“I am preparing myself for Oracle Database 1Z0-062 exam and I thought this could be a great chance for me to first test the course and then and buy it. So, as I was received 15 days of free access for the course I began to evaluate the course from the very first day. The uCertify Prep Kit is just another handy resource that one can use to test his/her knowledge before he/she actually takes the exam or If someone wants to pass his exam in one attempt then uCertify is one of the best award-winning e-learning platforms.
It is a solid product that provides more than three hundred questions combined into one diagnostic, one final, four practice tests, quiz and lots of videos. The user also has an ability to create custom tests using those questions he/she finds interesting. The questions pretty challenging. For all questions, the users have an option to read explanations about the answers including references to the Oracle documentation or other resources.”

We are delighted with such customer feedback. It encourages to work even harder and better so that customers get the best in our products. To Read the complete course click here.

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Organizations utilize expansive SQL databases to store data of customers, items, or deals. In any case, that information is locked into those databases until the point that it is accessed by a business intelligence device like Power BI, Tableau or Crystal Reports. With the proper consents, investigators can utilize SQL to choose the information they require for additional examination, analysis, and reporting. The SQL Querying: Fundamentals course, gives an outline of the SQL commands that can be utilized to get to that information in the database.

uCertify is an online learning platform that provides effective, self-paced, and instructor-led courses which help candidates in enhancing their skills and abilities. uCertify provides the SQL Querying Fundamentals course that will instruct you to utilize SQL as an apparatus to recover the required data from the database. In this course, you will do SQL Querying to recover wanted data from a database. Incorporate a search condition in a basic query, utilize different functions to perform estimations on information, retrieve information from various tables, and export the results of a query. You will be able to connect to the SQL Server database and implement a basic query, compose the information acquired from a query before it is shown on-screen.  

Learn Querying the Database- uCertify SQL Querying Fundamentals Guide

The SQL Querying Fundamentals course will help you learn the topics and concepts mentioned below:

  • Organizing Data
  • Working with Functions
  • Exporting Query Results
  • Executing a Simple Query
  • Performing a Conditional Search
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables

The SQL Querying course comes with the following resources to help candidates in learning and understanding the topics thoroughly:

  • 7+ Lessons
  • 25+ Quizzes
  • 17+ Exercises
  • 69+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-Length Tests
  • 69+ Glossary of Terms
  • 32+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 30+ Post Assessment Questions

This course is designed for professionals with essential computer abilities, acquainted with ideas related to database structure and terminology, and who need to utilize SQL to query the database. The study guide offers coverage of topics including data organization, simple Query, performing the conditional search, exporting Query results, retrieving data from multiple tables, and many more.

Become an SQL Querying specialist with uCertify’s SQL Querying Fundamentals course and gain knowledge and complete comprehension of querying the database and enhance your skills in this profession.

Adobe ACE InDesign is produced by Adobe Systems which is a PC publishing software application. It can be utilized to make publications, flyers, pamphlets, magazines, daily papers, presentations, and ebooks. Adobe Certified Expert InDesign can likewise post content reasonable for tablet gadgets in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Visual designers are the primary users, making and producing periodical publications, notices, and print media. Furthermore, InDesign sustains XML, templates, and other coding markups, making it appropriate for sending out labeled content for utilization in other computerized formats and online configurations.

Adobe Certified Expert ACE InDesign certification proves the knowledge and skills required for Web designers, graphic designers, video professionals, system integrators and developers seeking recognition for their expertise with Adobe products. This certification will help learners to figure out how to utilize Adobe ACE InDesign CC to design and convey proficient looking printed and intelligent reports.

Clear Adobe Certified Expert ACE InDesign Certification Exam with uCertify

Get complete knowledge for the preparation of the Adobe certification exams with the uCertify course. Our certification training program is specially designed to give candidates the tools they need to prepare for Adobe Certified Expert (ACE certification) exam with Adobe ACE InDesign 2017 course. Here are the topics covered in the Adobe Certified Expert InDesign certification study guide:

  • Building Tables
  • Mastery Builders
  • Managing Styles
  • Extension Manager CC
  • Building Complex Paths
  • Productivity Enhancements
  • Managing Long Documents
  • InDesign language Support
  • Working with Page Elements
  • Managing Advanced Page Elements
  • Designing and Customizing a Document
  • Preparing Page Documents for Multiple Formats
  • Managing External Files and Creating Dynamic Documents

On completion, candidates will get the chance to ace the abilities and methods of Adobe Certified Expert In-Design. They will master the handling of various devices and features identified by the color blending, writings, formatting and so on. The ACE InDesign certification cert guide comes with the following resources:

  • 92+ Quizzes
  • 19+ Lessons
  • 85+ Flashcards
  • 2+ Full-length Tests
  • 40+ Pre-assessments
  • 50+ Post-assessments
  • 85+ Glossary of Terms

The Adobe Certified Expert credentials are broadly perceived credentials and needed by the greater part of the industry nowadays. The Adobe Certified Expert InDesign exam is intended for the applicants trying to begin a profession in designing specialty particularly Web and Graphic designing. Adobe Certified Expert InDesign (ACE InDesign) certification exam objectives are as follows:

  • Setting Project Requirements
  • Understanding Adobe InDesign
  • Creating page Layouts by Using Adobe InDesign
  • Identifying Design Elements when Preparing Page Layouts
  • Publish, Export, and Archive Page Layouts by Using Adobe InDesign

So, enhance your career prospects by passing the ACE InDesign exam with the uCertify Adobe ACE InDesign 2017 Certification course and become certified. 

Organizations nowadays are in desperate need of security experts who can assist them to shield against the most advanced attacks ever created– threats from well supported worldwide criminal syndicates, and even governments. uCertify is an online learning platform that offers not for the certifications only but for the skills that are demanded in the IT and Security industries these days. uCertify provides Network Defense and Countermeasures 3e study guide that provides Network Defense and Countermeasures course and performance-based labs which is focused on individuals looking to begin a profession in the field of IT Security by bestowing the basic knowledge of network security defense. Performance-based labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. 

Explore Network Defense and Countermeasures 3E Guide with uCertify

Network Defense and Countermeasures, all that you have to think about present-day network attacks and protection, in one guide certainly clarifies core network security ideas, concepts, difficulties, technologies, and abilities completely modernized for the most recent attacks and countermeasures. Network Defense and Countermeasures 3e study guide is the present most whole, an easy-to-understand introduction to advanced network threats and their compelling defense. The Network Defense and Countermeasures 3e study guide discuss crucial topics including the emergence of network-based surveillance and terrorism after initiating from basics. If you have an essential awareness of networks, that is all the basics you’ll need to prevail with this guide.

Focusing on understanding the architecture for network defense the Network Defense and Countermeasures 3e guide covers the following topics:

  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Encryption Fundamentals
  • Intrusion-Detection Systems
  • Defending Against Virus Attacks
  • Physical Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Configuration
  • Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Firewalls

Upon completion of the course, a candidate will have the ability to understand the essential segments of a layered structure for network defense architecture; specify key ideas and innovations utilized in design and implementation of firewall frameworks, describe virtual private networks (VPN) and security issues, define access control objectives and evaluating ideas, and implement & configure firewalls for three diverse operating frameworks: DOS, Windows, & Linux.

Resources mentioned below are specially designed to help candidates to learn and master all the topics & concepts

  • 18+ Lessons
  • 253+ Quizzes
  • 203+ Flashcards
  • 203+ Glossary of Terms
  • 66+ Performance-Based Labs
  • 100+ Pre-Assessment Questions
  • 100+ Post-Assessment Questions

The Network Defense and Countermeasures training guide is beneficial for network professionals who are concerned with safeguarding organization’s network infrastructures. This training course covers all the basic and advanced concepts of network security and includes topics such as security policies, security standards, cyber terrorism, encryption fundamentals, and a lot more.

Enroll now in uCertify Network Defense and Countermeasures 3e course and get the complete and thorough comprehension of the network attacks and defenses.

Ettore Galluccio has over 18+ years of experience in the Information Technology Domain. He has worked mainly with organizations operating in the Defense and Telecommunications sector taking care of the design, implementation, and delivery of complex information systems. For over five years he has been actively involved in Global Practices and Cybersecurity, especially with regard to ISO / IEC 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and IS Governance, both in the formation and dissemination of the “Security Culture” and in the implementation and monitoring activities. He has constantly engaged in training and specialization and has multiple international certifications. He is also an official trainer for EXIN courses. He recently accessed our CHFI v8 – Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

Ettore Galluccio Reviewed uCertify CHFI Course

“The has courses for just about any certification you can think of doing which guarantees success in the exam. Learn, Practice, and Track! The learning features are provided by an interactive textbook, study notes, flash cards, How-to-dos, exercises and much more.  The pattern of the uCertify course is just similar to the real exam.”

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user experience. You can check out the complete post here.

Stalin Garcia 23+ years experience in the Information Technology Domain and is currently working as Data Processing Manager and Techincal Support Engineer at Gracia and Co. He is an excellent professional and very dedicated towards his work and holds his expertise in installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults and solving technical and applications problems. He recently accessed our CompTIA A+ Course & Labs course and labs and has provided the following feedback, that we are more than happy to share:

Stali Gracia Reviewed uCertify CompTIA A+ Course & Labs

“The uCertify CompTIA A+ Course & Labs certification will help you to boost your career along with the salary hike. The course has provided an abundance of information about the course and is well organized, the course is interactive and informative for sure that will help you to pass your certification in one attempt.”

CompTIA A+ certification is an industry recognized vendor-neutral credential designed to ensure knowledge and skills for entry-level IT professionals to configure, install, and maintain devices, PCs, and software for end users; assemble components based on customer requirements; understand the basics of networking and security/forensics; properly and safely diagnose; resolve and document common software and hardware issues while applying troubleshooting skills.

We are working on all the areas of improvement mentioned by him to provide a better user experience. You can check out the complete post here. To know more about Mr. Stalin, you can contact via his Linkedin profile.

There are a lot of professionals pursuing professional certifications. Earning  IT certifications validate the person’s high-level of expertise and often leads to great career opportunities. Not to mention the fact that a professional certification may also offer a salary hike and generally puts holders ahead of the pack. Adding a professional certification to your resume will open doors of success for you. This provides a lot of opportunities for you in many fields. An IT certification can help you in showcasing your skills in your desired field.

Check Out The Benefits Of The IT Certifications with uCertify

Let us check out some of the benefits offered by the It certifications. We can categorize the benefits into two categories:

1.  Benefits for individuals

IT certifications can benefit a professional in many ways. The IT certification is helping professionals in changing their industry and field. Recent surveys have proved that 68% of professionals have changed their field successfully with an IT certification in hand. This also helps in providing career opportunities and promotions. According to surveys, 75% of professionals have benefitted with the IT certifications, 69% have experienced a good amount of salary hike. A majority of professionals approx. 80% says that they have a got an interview call from their dream company because of having IT certification.

2. Certified staff valued in the organization

The most important benefit offered by the IT certifications in improved product quality, this is the reason that 93% of organizations find certified professionals more valuable. Researches performed by a variety of organizations approx. 90% have shown that employees with a professional certification are more productive and secure than the non-certified ones. Let us take an example of a professional certified in software, then he will able to make greater use of the program’s advanced features. Certified employees often work more efficiently. According to a recent survey, 44% of HR professionals say that salary raises offered to the certified professionals and 31% said that promotions are tied to IT certifications.

Are you excited about getting your dream IT certifications? If yes, then get yourself enrolled in the uCertify cert guides. The courses and labs offered at our platform will help you learn all the key concepts required for passing your dream cert exam. 

The web development field contains a lot of opportunities for the web developers. For pursuing a career in the field of web development, you must be familiar with the languages such as HTML and CSS. These languages are considered as the heart of web development. There are a lot of designers who are held back by not having a solid understanding of these core technologies. If that seems very difficult for you, then don’t worry! The essentials of HTML and CSS is not very difficult to learn. We are here with our comprehensive CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 course that teaches all the coding concepts starting from very basic to the advanced. The course is built around the objectives of the CIW 1D0-620 exam. The cert guide is designed to provide essential HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript knowledge used in the web development trifecta, creating web pages that easily adapt to smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, and smart TVs, as well as to traditional PCs. The CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 specialist 1D0-620 course contains live-labs as an add-on component. Live-lab is a real computer equipment, networked together and conveniently accessible over the Internet using virtualization.

Prepare for CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 Exam

Here is what you will learn with the CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 specialist 1D0-620 cert guide:

  • The CSS Box Model
  • Applying CSS Styles
  • Common HTML5 APIs
  • Page Layout with CSS
  • CSS Terms and Syntax
  • Validating HTML5 Code
  • The Evolution of HTML5
  • CSS Positioning Schemes
  • HTML5 Structure Elements
  • Migration to Mobile Devices
  • Manipulating Data with jQuery
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Retrieving Data with XMLHttpRequest

The CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 specialist 1D0-620 cert guide comes with the following learning resources:

  • 13+ Lessons
  • 284+ Quizzes
  • 74+ Flashcards
  • 3+ Full-length Tests
  • 55+ Pre-assessments
  • 102+ Post Assessments
  • 50+ Live-labs (Add-on component)

About Exam

The CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist certification will help you showcase your essential HTML5 and CSS3 web development skills that are being extensively used at your workplace. This industry supported certification is the first course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design series. The CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist D0-620 exam includes topics such as:

  • Designing mobile devices
  • Implementing HTML5 APIs
  • Implementing HTML5 forms
  • Using CSS3 to shape content on the page

Start your prep for the CIW 1D0-620 exam and get the CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 specialist 1D0-620 certification. The uCertify study guide will help you learn all the key concepts required for passing the 1D0-620 exam.