We are breathing in the era of mobile technology and by 2020, there will be an estimated 10 billion mobile devices worldwide. To remain relevant, IT professionals must hone their mobile skills along with expertise in Cloud computing.  The ability to manage, develop, and secure a mobile infrastructure is quickly becoming a key component to entering the IT industry and professionals lacking those skills will lag behind. No wonder, passing MB0-001 is a must!

uCertify’s interactive lessons includes hands–on exercises, real–world examples, and in–depth guidance from the perspective of a mobile computing expert. IT professionals looking to expand their capabilities must pass the CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0–001) exam for a rewarding career. After successful completion of our course and labs, you will gain expertise to:

  • Review common network types, topologies, protocols and ports
  • Learn the fundamentals of radio frequency and antenna technology, and the factors that influence range and speed
  • Compare the various IEEE standards and interoperability certifications for wireless local area networking technologies
  • Understand the terminology and inner workings of standards based wireless networking, cellular technology operation, capacity, signal measurement, and distribution
  • Delve into the mechanics of physical and logical infrastructure technologies like wireless LAN infrastructure devices, proxy servers, and gateways
  • Examine the different technologies used to traverse wireless–to–wired networks
  • Study common mobile device policies, and techniques for effective mobile device and application management

The Mobility+ certification is geared toward candidates that have CompTIA Network+ certification or equivalent experience and working knowledge of and at least 18 months of work experience in the administration of mobile devices. So start your preparation now and pass certification in one attempt.

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