Last week, we released the new PrepEngine 12.27.05. The new version is totally bug free and now has an even better user interface. It helps you easily navigate and understand the key features without having to refer to the help file. For those who do not know what is PrepEngine, here is a simple description.

PrepEngine is the underlying software behind every PrepKit. It provides a standardized presentation and delivery of test content. PrepEngine has lots of rich features such as keyboard support, well designed navigation and layout etc. It’s simple but intuitive, which makes it almost transparent, so that you can concentrate on learning the subject instead of figuring out how the software works.

Recent Changes:

1. Creating a profile is not mandatory now, and you can choose to do so any time.

2. There is a wider choose and reorder question box, making it easier to see the full choices without having to scroll.

3. Feature details are now avaliable on the cover page. This helps you learn key features and you can start using it without looking at the help file.

4. The PrepKit registration button is on the cover page, making it easier to activate the license.

5. The bugs encountered while upgrading to the new version have been rectified.

How to install new version:

Actually you do not need to install it separately. Just download and install the latest PrepKit from our site and the new PrepEngine will install it automatically. If you already have a license or a full version of the PrepKit, the new PrepKit will continue to run in full mode.
To know more about uCertify PrepEngine, download features guide

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