Oracle has migrated all SUN based certification  exam from Prometric’s exam center to Pearson VUE. This has given way to some minor changes to the examination pattern, as listed below:

  • Oracle has renamed the exams according to its numbering structure (1Z0..)

  • Exam scorecards provide more detailed result feedback that includes, exam objectives of incorrect answers and more

  • Lengthy, time consuming exams of JAVA are replaced by their shorter counterparts.

  • To maintain the same level of difficulty, the passing score of revised exams was  readjusted to the former passing score

  • The exam objectives /questions wasn’t changed from its base form, so the previous study material and objectives can be used to prepare for the exams.
  • Oracle has created several specific paths to accommodate candidates who were at varying stages of completion of their master path when the transition occurred.

For more information and FAQ please click here:
Java Certification Exams and Their Move to Pearson VUE

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