A lecture is successful only if it effectively communicates the material to the listeners. Instructors can better organize their lecture content and delivery to achieve these goals. Thoughtful planning is the key!

uCertify has come up with a solution for this: “Lecture Planner”. Instructors may plan their entire day with this planner with different student classes.They may create their plan according to the topic they wish to cover in the lecture. The topics may include lessons, assignments, practice tests, labs and all other features included in the course.  Instructors may also generate progress reports of students. This planner module is designed to help you develop more effective lectures and assist you in your teaching methodology.

  • You may plan a lecture.

  • You may view the reports of each student enrolled in your class.

  • You may view the grading of the students.

One thought on “Lecture Planner New feature to organize lectures

  1. When creating a lecture, is it possible to add an entire chapter to it instead of having to drag each section of the chapter individually? It just gets very tedious when there’s 30+ sections in a chapter.

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