Flash cards are a great way to prepare for you IT Certification exams. Using this technique, you can learn fast and memorize everything for a long time. Flash cards have long been used for learning languages or memorizing a variety of subjects. The benefit of flash cards is that they are portable; you can print them and learn, even while you are away from your computer.

We have now implemented this trusted study technique with the uCertify exam Practice Tests to help you learn faster and prepare better. Use this technique to learn the technical terms, definitions and key concepts essential for your exams. The questions in the flash cards, which are based on key concepts, will help you reinforce your knowledge of the subject. You can take your time, assess your preparedness, and revise what you have learned.

This self-graded and low-pressure environment test builds your confidence and assures your success in the exam. The questions reflect the concepts that are covered by and are part of the actual certification exam. Here is how you can use this technique to enhance your studies:

To use this feature in you PrepKit, click on Notes >> Flash Cards (Ctrl +F11) to open the Flash Cards. You will see a question and a text box to type the answer. Type the answer in the text box and click the “Check Now” button. You will instantly get the correct answer. Compare it with your answer to know how much you remember. Grade your answer and click on the next button to move to another question. Take the entire test a number of times and you will see that you now remember the correct answers

We have recently upgraded our PrepEngine and the new version12.11.05 has this feature available with all the PrepKits. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest PrepKits now to start using the Flash Card feature and remember everything you learn, fast!

Practice with this new feature and don’t forget to send your feedback and comments to support at ucertify dot com. Please let us know what else do you want and we will surely implement that in the future upgrades. Enjoy your learning and good luck for your exams.

If you would lke to know more about uCertify PrepEngine features, please click: uCertify PrepEngine

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