JavaScript is a simple, powerful, and popular programming language that is built into web browsers.

uCertify’s JS-Beginner is a fundamental course for learning JavaScript. The course has been designed to cover the basics required for beginners. Students looking forward to make a career in Web designing and programming can study from our course.

The course has been updated with practice questions which gives you an in -depth knowledge and helps in creating a strong foundation of  course fundamentals.The course has been divided into four sections. It starts with pre-assessment, followed by 10 chapters covering flashcards, quizzes and exercises, 2 practice tests comprising of 80 questions and  ends with post assessment.

The course has been drafted in conversational style making it lively and less monotony. JavaScript is a conceptual language but once you understand the basics, it begins to make sense. Hang in there during early going while the mud is deep. Things will fall into place for you later in the book.

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