“Technology can become the wings that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before- if we will allow it. ” ~ Jenny Arledge

The time has come for the education industry to fly high on the wings of technology. At uCertify, our team is transforming the learning process by its outstanding range of products that includes labs, courses, and simulators. Our new Windows 8.1 simulator is a benchmark advancement in the learning arena. Glance through its capabilities to believe us:

Features to watch out for:

  • Technical capabilities – Simulates Windows 8.1 seamlessly. Offers Cross Browser Compatibility and Quick Loading.
  • Allows access to all apps with all possible paths.
  • Search implemented in App Screen Section and Charms Bar Search – User can navigate through the control panel search item to access any application.
  • Fully featured command prompt and PowerShell – allows access to maximum numbers of applications by just executing a command on cmd or PowerShell. It is fully functional every command execute on cmd and PowerShell.
  • Minimization and Maximization – allow minimizing and maximizing the window.
  • Backward and Forward – user can easily navigate from one folder to other in the same window.
  • Browser Specific UI Elements – customization of UI at the initial level.
  • Perfectly simulates the Windows 8.1 Structure – all type of Dialog Structure is created. A dialog Windows Explorer and Control Panel Update on its Parent dialog, which resembles closely to Windows.

Now that you know what our simulators are capable off, it’s time to explore the advancement by working on the simulators. Get ready to feel the thump of the technology. Drop in your comments, suggestions, and queries.

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