Importance of Assessment in E-Learning

In the area of education, assessment refers to various ways or tools educators use for the measurement of the students’ achievement of the learning outcomes. The motive of assessments is to strengthen learning and also to assess the course. Through the process of assessment, the students, as well as instructors, gain the relevant information needed to adjust learning and teaching and improve themselves which helps them in gaining a better understanding of the subject matter.

Assessments in any training can be used by the students as a method to evaluate the information that has been exposed to and improve themselves. It gives them a chance to think hard about the correct answer. With its help, the student can gain expertise in the subject and explain the correct answers. The assessments ensure that the learner is able to grasp the content and getting its full benefit. The assessment helps students know immediately what they did wrong and also the topics they need to focus on and improve. The instructor is also able to analyze and thus it is less time-consuming.

Thus, indeed assessment helps in the better evaluation of the subject matter and improve in less time. But the learners also need to take the feedbacks positively so that they improve the areas of their weaknesses and get the effective learning outcome.