The MCSD .NET exam 70-300 contains case studies with questions based on them. Before practicing the questions based on case studies, we would like to give some tips on how to view and approach case studies and what steps you should keep in mind while reading them and attempting the related questions.

A case study is a scenario about an organization and its profile. You have to study the present as well as the expected business strategies, and the business and user requirements of the organization. The main facts about the organization are as follows:

  • What is the present system?
  • What are the major business issues?
  • What is the vision and scope of the organization?
  • Why do you want to upgrade or replace the present system with a new one?
  • Whether or not it is feasible to adopt this new system.

You should follow this approach while reading your case studies. In fact, whatever the issues, situations or circumstances that would have come within any organization are accumulated and summarized in the form of case studies. So, each case study should be treated as if you are developing, installing, configuring, or upgrading a system in an organization and completing the project that is being assigned to you.

As far as the questions are concerned, they are very much related to .NET technology and different phases of the software development, such as the Envisioning, Planning, Developing, Stabilizing and Deploying phases. Therefore, it is mandatory to read a case study and analyze its important strategies before attempting all of its questions, as you may not be able to answer any of them without reading the case study.

Therefore, questions are framed according to various situations, requirements, and business issues that have been raised in the case study. While attempting the questions, you should be able to identify the problems or opportunities, business or user requirements, and business goals or constraints of the organization mentioned in the case study. If you have not read the case study very carefully and analyzed it; you may not be able to extract the important points that have been asked in the questions.

You should read each case study at least thrice in order to extract all the important information provided in the case study. Firstly, you should read the highlights and get a rough view of all the important sections in the case study. Secondly, scan for the important information that you are getting from each section of the case study. Thirdly, try to find out which information will fit well with each phase of the Software Development. While reading the case study, you should make mental notes of important information to yourself. This will definitely help you to remember which sections of the case study you should focus on while attempting your questions.

Lastly, you should remember that your reading capability is an important issue. Of course, the habit of reading fast will certainly help you in attempting all the case studies and their related questions in the allotted time. Therefore, all these approaches will definitely help you to go through each case study and the related questions that you have to confront in the examination room. We wish you all the best for your 70-300 MCSD .NET exam.

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