The LPI 117-202 exam is designed to test in-depth knowledge of an examinee on networking configuration, Web services, network client management, etc. Before taking the L117-202 exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Manage mail traffic.
  2. Implement a Web server.
  3. Configure Samba Server.
  4. Configure NFS Server.
  5. Maintain a Web server.
  6. Implement a proxy server.
  7. Configure DHCP, NIS, LDAP, and PAM.
  8. Configure a router.
  9. Secure FTP servers.
  10. Perform TCP wrappers checks.
  11. Troubleshoot network issues.
  12. Identify boot stages.
  13. Perform general troubleshooting.
  14. Troubleshoot bootloaders, system resources, and environment configurations.

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