The Red Hat Linux Essentials test measures an individual’s ability to install and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Before taking the RH033 certification exam, you should practice the following:

  1. Log into the system, change users, and edit text files.
  2. Understand the locations of important directories on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.
  3. Navigate directories from the command line and use the graphical Nautilus browser.
  4. Practice to set permissions on files and directories.
  5. Practice basic tips and tricks to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s default shell.
  6. Practice of redirecting output between programs and files.
  7. Practice some of the most useful text-processing utilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  8. Practice working and handling the powerful and flexible vim text editor.
  9. Practice to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s graphical and text-based configuration tools to manage networking.
  10. Learn Printing in Linux .
  11. Practice of Listing, terminating and scheduling program executions on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.
  12. Configure the Bash Shell.
  13. Find and Process Files
  14. Network tools available in Red Hat Enterprise linux, from web browsers to email clients and diagnostic utilities.
  15. Practice The Linux Filesystem In-Depth.
  16. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux, manage software packages.
  17. Enhance security with SELinux and the netfilter firewall.

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