There are 98 objectives under 18 heads in Oracle o1z0-311 test (Oracle Application Server 10g). You should have a sound knowledge about Oracle Application Server before taking the test. Practicing the following things will make you confident of scoring well in the test:

  • Describe the Oracle Application Server. Its components, architecture, tools, and infrastructure.
  • Manage the Oracle Internet Directory and its architecture.
  • Manage and configure the Oracle HTTP server.
  • Configure directives and virtual hosts.
  • Manage and configure OracleAS Web Cache.
  • Manage and configure OC4J.
  • Manage and configure OracleAS Portal.
  • Deploy the J2EE applications.
  • Configure the OracleAS components in OID.
  • Manage access using DAS.
  • Administer the Oracle Single Sign-On Server.
  • Secure OracleAS components using SSL.
  • Manage and configure OracleAS Certificate Authority.

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